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Ever wondered how people around the world connect their IP phone or any phone to voice over IP broadband?

That’s an easy answer but a complex and more in depth learning.  It’s true that voice over IP phone calls lower the cost of your phone calls and monthly rate whilst increasing value for money and increasing return on investment, thus, saving you money when you make and receive phone calls. 

To understand where we are coming from, you have to understand the history of voice over IP phone and telecommunications analogue phones as a whole and where it all started. Analogue Phones started way back in the 1960s and actually the first computer to computer phone call over a computer network was made by an Israeli Company, simply called Internet Phone. The company managed to successfully make a voice over IP phone call between two computers.  However, it was very cumbersome, poor quality and very expensive to keep the VoIP technology in good working order.  T

he arrival of ADSL broadband (assymetric digital subscriber lines), which utilised your copper phone lines to transmit your internet signals over broadband.  It was a revolution with broadband internet with ADSL and ADSL+2.  It was great and way better than the two computers that made the original, first ever voice over IP or VoIP call back the 1960s.   Today, there is faster, way faster broadband internet connections available that include fibre optics broadband, 4G and 5G telecommunications broadband internet that generate lightning fast broadband speeds.  The people back in the 1960s could only of dreamed about it.  With all the leading telecommunications companies spending billions and billions on their networks worldwide.

There comes a point to where there is a better and more reliable broadband internet that works great voice over IP with good quality broadband and you will have good quality voice over IP.  But wait. Not so fast. You will have to invest in some learning and some spending first to get epic results for your broadband internet connection and good quality VoIP phone calls.

First you need a great internet broadband connection from a good internet broadband service provider then a good router (We recommend the LINKSYS1200AC WRT 1900 or greater). 

Linksys and Cisco are the best routers you can buy but there are other brands just as good on the market today like high end ASUS routers.  You then need a good quality voice over IP phone account and phone number from us at Buy Phone Numbers Online.  Some simple learning and tech skills will help you set up your own router with the VoIP phone settings username, password, login with IP Address or FQDN domain name as an “A” record. 

Once setup and you’ve logged your voice over IP phone broadband modem router into your buy phone numbers online VoIP server then you will be able to make and receive phone calls worldwide using us at Buy Phone Numbers. BUY PHONE NUMBERS START BASIC VOIP PHONE ACCOUNTS FROM $25 AUD + GST and will give you a basic account that lets you call mobiles Australia-wide and landlines Australia-wide. 

You will notice a big difference in your cost of each call and monthly rate.  Money you earn’t, now saved for something else (rather than on a big phone bill). Buy Phone Numbers will give you access to our custom built global and local network of phone numbers and VoIP global and local access to all areas for service.  People will be able to call you and you will be able to call them, no problem, often, with a better quality signal that the old analogue phones we talked about earlier. Buy Phone Numbers supports any phone, even your Apple iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy latest model versions, all you need to do is download a small app called Bria App and you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles with Buy Phone Numbers Online.

As long as you got a working internet broadband connection then you will be able to make and receive phone calls with 1800 phone numbers, 1300 phone numbers, 614 mobile phone numbers, all based on VoIP or voice over IP phone.  You don’t even need a voice over IP phone to have one, you can simply divert it to your landline phone or mobile phone number anywhere in the world, as long as it is valid. Buy Phone Numbers recommends Gigaset IP phones but any IP phone will work great and will come with high quality, HD voice over IP phone calls. Buy Phone Numbers is a quick signup process and works digitally online and instantly approved.  Simply signup to start with your new phone number.  Buy Phone Numbers has local phone servers and global phone services.  

Buy Phone Numbers – Hardware Options –  ATA is a small analogue to IP or essentially an analogue phone connection through to your broadband internet.  Basically, the ATA converts analogue signals to digitally enhanced signals (0’s and 1’s). Buy Phone Numbers has tried, proven and tested a vast majority of ATA’s, some excellent, some ok, some good and others so-so but still work great. 

The rule of thumb with ATAs is that you need to be aware that the ATA simply transmits your voice over IP phone signals from copper analogue phone calls to complicated digitally enhanced voice over IP phone calls. ATA is a small device that enhances you calls and simply connects into your broadband internet connection spare switch port on your router and the analogue cable of your RJ11 connection from your analogue phone connects to your broadband ATA at the other end of the ATA.  Sounds complicated? Buy Phone Numbers has made the whole process easy than ever before and with a virtually automated setup and configuration process that takes less than 2 minutes to configure your VoIP ATA router then youll be able to connect to the global or local VoIP Phone server in a flash.

Cisco 112 Analogue Phone Adapter ATA Connect your analogue phone to broadband

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Designed for any phone.

If you are looking for a great place to buy phone numbers online then buy phone numbers online or call 1800 057 265. Everyone today buys online and your phone or phone number is no exception. 

Everyone buys their products online so when it comes to buying a new phone number online, it’s easy.  Buy Phone Numbers Online is based on VoIP and is a local carrier to Australia  with POPs or points of presences located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and New Zealand. 

We’re reliable because of we’ve had 10+ years developing our VoIP server system globally with a local out reach in Australia.

Everyone uses VoIP today in some way, they just don’t know.  When you ring a phone number to a call centre or business then the chance they are using VoIP of some kind is pretty well certain. 

VoIP is everywhere so it’s important to buy your next phone number from buy phone numbers online.

Customers can signup to VoIP based phone numbers and use them as a REAL or analogue phone number with the noticeable variation of being voice over IP or otherwise known as “Netphone VoIP”.  

Everyone has broadband today and you can setup your new phone number on your PC, Apple Mac,IP Phone (deskphone or cordless hardware phone), softphone or mobile phone with an App.

Buy Phone Numbers Online brings the best of the best and world-class phone numbers that are reliable and secure.  Absolutely everyone uses phone numbers today so it is important to buy from Buy Phone Numbers Online.  

Buy Phone Numbers works on IP phones

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